Where do I start with this family?? I guess Coach Junell (I can’t bring myself to call her anything else!). Coach Junell was my volleyball, basketball, track and cheerleading coach in Middle School. Plus she taught our Keyboarding class. Woman of many talents!! Seriously though, through all of my sports playing throughout my life Coach Junell was hands down my favorite coach ever!! There are too many stories to even tell. Nevertheless, she was awesome! And her husband, Clint, was always at our games cheering for us (probably just supporting his wife, but it never hurts to have another fan in the stands)! Then the sad day came when us 8th grade girls moved on to high school and Coach Junell later moved to the Dallas area. Long story short, I haven’t seen this lady in years! So getting to spend time with her was long overdue!! Plus this time she had her two precious kids with her!! Their son is so sweet and their daughter is the most adorable thing ever! And both well-mannered (props to the parents!). Those poor kiddos braved the chilly morning and did so well for me while we took some photos! Such a great family right here!!